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Practice Areas

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Corporate Transactions

When it comes to the sale or transfer of assets of a company, mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures, it’s important to seek the expertise of an experienced legal team to ensure that all contracts and documents meet regulatory compliance.

Maloney Law can guide you through the negotiation process to find an agreement that meets your business goals and needs.


As one of the most common legal documents for personal and business agreements, contracts are often misunderstood or needlessly complex. Maloney Law can assist you with developing an offer and terms for a variety of personal and business-related agreements.


Real Estate

Whether you need legal assistance with the sale of a private property, or the purchase or transfer of land, Maloney Law can assist with due diligence, reviewing titles, surveying documents, sales agreements, leases and other loan documents.

Business Formation

Whether you are starting a new business or transitioning an existing business to form a partnership, Maloney Law can help you select the most appropriate legal structure to protect your liability. We can assist with choosing the most appropriate business formation for your business structure.

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